1 dream, 15 Acres, hundreds of possibilities | Photography site in Jenks

1 dream, 15 Acres, hundreds of possibilities | Photography site in Jenks

1 dream, 15 Acres, hundreds of possibilities | Photography site in Jenks 1 dream, 15 Acres, hundreds of possibilities | Photography site in Jenks

Coal Creek Farm Jenks Story

Jenks America...or so they say!

Well Hello There! Thank you so much for checking out our Coal Creek Farm Jenks site! I’m Shannon Wilburn and that guy right there with the toothpick in his mouth is my hubby, Mitch Wilburn. We have lived in Tulsa...our entire married life...all 28 years of it....having been transplanted from the great state of Texas. Love it or hate it...that’s where we both grew up. We won’t say “Hook em” if you won’t say “Boomer!” Deal? Deal!

My husband is a local senior preaching pastor at The Park Church at 96th and Garnett in Tulsa. We started out in youth ministry in 1990, moved into community outreach ministry and now preaching ministry all at the same church, Ya’ll! We can’t believe they keep us around! My husband is a gifted communicator who loves Jesus and loves to tell people about Him! Come check us out at and say hello! 

I am the CEO and Co-founder of Just Between Friends Franchise System, a business I started with my co-founder, Daven Tackett back in 1997 - yep, we’re old! We franchised the business in 2004 and now have 150+ locations in 30 states...and it all started right here in Tulsa! Tulsa moms are the bomb.com!

Mitch and I have two grown children, one that is married and one that is living the single life.  No grand kids yet...but we are gearing up for that fun season in our life!

We love the Lord and love His people and that is what drives our lives! I didn’t mean for that to rhyme!

Not sure if your husband is like mine, ladies, but he has always had this dream of owning “land”. He was never very specific about why or where...just “I gotta get me some land!” comments for the first 25 years of our life. (His folks lived in Quitman, TX - and had access to 600 acres of piney woods and dogwood trails - but that was 4 hours away) Occasionally, he would come home telling me about a piece of property here or there and we would go check it out. When I say “check it out”, I mean, we would drive by it, oooooh and ahhhhhh...and go back home with no follow up. It’s the truth. In the Fall of 2015, The Park church’s Jenks location (we used to have 3 branches, now we are at a large location at 96th and Garnett) was meeting at a school and was looking for land. They looked ALL OVER JENKS - and found (I say “found”, but it’s really a long story that I will personally tell you if you want to know it - it’s a fun and winding, cool who-knows-who story) this 15 acre spot at 111th and Elwood. After much prayer and the meeting of the minds...the leadership of that branch decided that it was not the best spot for our Jenks church branch. Upon hearing this news the day after the decision was made, my hubby called me to let me know. I knew he LOVED that piece of property...I mean, who wouldn’t? I was the compassionate wife consoling him on the phone and then, you know what he did, he turned the tables on me. I KNOW! These words came out of his mouth...”You think maybe WE could buy it?” I didn’t know the cost, but I did know that we were not hiding cash in UN-forseen places that I hadn’t told him about....AND we had two kids in college AT THE SAME TIME! After a few phone calls to other land owners, bankers, land developers and experts...our brains were FULL to overflowing with new knowledge. The Lord was about to take us on a “learnin’ curve” yall! We learned;

1. There were 10 people in line for this property

2. We didn’t have enough cash for the down payment

3. Our budget would not sustain us purchasing the entire 15 acres

4. 12 of the acres were in the flood plain and not build-able acreage. 3 acres were out of the flood plain, but 1.2 of it was on the bluff on the other side of the creek, therefor, not build-able acreage. If your mind has trouble with math....that meant that there were 1.8 acres of build-able land - all of it up close to 111th.

5. We would need to split it with someone if we were going to do it.

We prayed and we prayed - my hubby REALLY wanted this land and that hope was not going anywhere like the previous “drive-bys”. I had kinda fallen in love with it too and was praying that the Lord would help us find a way to make it happen. As the months passed...Mitch’s mom’s cancer returned and we divided our time between East Texas, Dallas and Tulsa for chemo and doctors appointments and hospital and rehab stays with other precious family members. We continued conversations with the land developer who was moving forward to do the things that had to happen for us (or anyone else) to buy it, removing the two homesteads that were in bad need of repair, removing two pipelines that criss-crossed the land, working with the city of Jenks visiting about widening 111th at some point in the future - and them needing to buy back some of the property for the future widening. Ya’ll...so much to do and the months stretched on and on and on. 

The Lord was having us go through a serious time of WAITING. WAITING on him and his timing. Just so you know...I’m not good at waiting. 

In the meantime...the Lord directed us to a dear family who we had known for 24 years. Our girls grew up together and the hubbies were dear, dear friends and I knew that the precious wife and I would definitely make great neighbors - you know, swapping sugar and stuff like that. As conversations happened....we felt that the Lord had given the go ahead in moving forward to do a lot split so that we both could have a little bit of green ground in Jenks America. 

Unfortunately...financial circumstances changed in their life that summer that made it impossible for them to move forward. Wah Wah! We knew that without the lot split...the land was likely not going to be in our future. We were continuing conversations about our next steps and HOW we could still make this happen, what could we do, who could we convince to split the lot with us, could we tell our kids that they were now paying for their own college, how much money do bake sales make these days, how could we gain access to the money without robbing the local QT, when Mitch’s precious mom went to see Jesus less than 2 years after Mitch’s dad had passed away - both in their early 70’s. :( 

Mitch and his mom were TIGHT..I mean, talk every. day. Tight. I loved that he loved his mom so fiercely...and genuinely all at the same time! She was Nanny to me and to her grand kids and she was the best mother in love that anyone could ever ask for. I am needing to take lessons on how she loved me so well, even though I was not her flesh and blood! I could go on and on and on about her compassion, her kindness, her fried bacon, her flower beds, her fire building, her chicken squares, her laughter, her loving ways and her love for ALL of her family....I could go on and on, but I really wish you knew her like I did. She and Boomie (Mitch’s dad) lived life well...even in spite of the C word. You know what those two Texas educators did?! They followed the experts advice...go figure...they saved for retirement...a retirement that got cut WAY too short..and in so doing, are smiling down from heaven knowing that because they saved, their son is getting his piece of heaven on earth in Jenks America (and he is sharing it with me)! If you look around the property, you may see some dogwood trees. These are in loving memory of Boomie and Nanny who loved to walk the Lake Lydia Dogwood Trails in Quitman, Texas. In their honor, Mitch planted 100 seedlings during the spring of 2017. We don't know how many will bloom in the coming years, but we are excited to see. 

Now...if you have read ALL THE WAY to the bottom of this story...we are officially FRIENDS!

Welcome friends to Coal Creek Farm Jenks. We are excited to see what the Lord has in store, what Kingdom purposes will be revealed, what lives will be renewed...in Jenks America! We can’t wait to meet you!