1 dream, 15 Acres, hundreds of possibilities | Photography site in Jenks

1 dream, 15 Acres, hundreds of possibilities | Photography site in Jenks

1 dream, 15 Acres, hundreds of possibilities | Photography site in Jenks 1 dream, 15 Acres, hundreds of possibilities | Photography site in Jenks


Q: I'm not sure if this property is right for my photo session. Can I take a look and walk around before I purchase a pass?

A: Sure! We suggest all "try before they buy" to make sure we have what you're looking for.  If you would like a tour (mostly to feel comfortable - and know how to access the creek), just call Shannon Wilburn at 918.902.5673

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are at the Southwest corner of 111th Street and S Elwood Ave at the edge of South Tulsa and Jenks, OK.

Q: If I buy the annual permit, how many times can I have photo session on the property?

A: As many as you want. There may be a few days where we need to reserve it for other purposes, but we will communicate those as they arise with Annual permit holders.

Q: Is there a way to reserve the property for the day?

A: Please call 918-902-5673 to discuss.

Q: What are your available times?
A:  Coal Creek Farm Jenks is open from sun up to sun down...and even at night if you need it for something special. Check out our handy dandy scheduler for availability and to pay. https://coalcreekfarmjenksscheduler.as.me/

Q: Will I be the only photographer allowed on the property during my scheduled time?
A: We are trying to stagger the appointment times for every 30 minutes in hopes that there won't be too much traffic. There are 15 acres of property and we do not anticipate crowds. :)  It's highly likely that you would have the place to yourself!

Q: Where should we park?
A: Most people find it convenient to park up by the barn. The property is very 'walkable'.

Q: I will have a heavy prop that I want to use with my clients. Am I allowed to drive on the property to place it?
A: Absolutely, at your own risk. We suggest 4 wheel drive vehicles are the best to navigate the pasture area, especially after a rain or when soggy conditions exist. Of course, we like to avoid ruts, so please use caution.

Q: Is there an available bathroom for our guests use while on the property?
A:  The closest bathroom for public use is the Kum and Go at 111th and Elm, just a mile down the road.

Q: I would be willing to share some of my completed photos with Coal Creek Farm Jenks for use on social media...is this something that you would want?
A: YES! We have a media release that we can send you and your client to sign. We would love to share imagery taken on the property on Facebook, Instagram and our website! Woohoo! 

Q: Will you give me credit for the photos that you share on your website and social media?
A: If you are ready to write us a testimonial to post on Facebook and our website, we would be willing to share your contact information on our Area Photographers page. If you have a photo that you would like to be featured with that information, please let us know.

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